Wilbur Comics

This Wilbur Comics #29 from Archie Comics was published February 1950. The cover gag, “Wilbur, when I say pay more attention to figures, I mean the ones on the blackboard!” featuring…


Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories

Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories (WDC) was published by Dell and ran an amazing 264 issues from 1940 to 1962. The series was the continuation of Mickey Mouse Magazine,…


White Princess of the Jungle

White Princess of the Jungle #2  is from publisher Avon Periodicals, Inc. on September 1951. Cover art is by  Everett Raymond Kinstler – who went on to become a mainstream artist…


Undercover Girl

Undercover Girl, Starr Flagg  #6 was published by Magazine Enterprises and is dated January 1953.  Classic motorcycle cover art by Bob Powell. The titled lasted just three issues.  It contained inside…


ZIP Comics

ZIP Comics #18 was published by MLJ Magazines  on September 1941.  The cover is by one of my favorite artists, Irv Novick.  Character is Steel Sterling. Before Superman…


Zoot Comics

Zoot Comics #14a was published by Fox Features Syndicate on March 1948.  Matt Baker is both cover artist and the artist in two Rulah inside stories titled “The Pearls…



Torchy is the embodiment of the GGA genre, really one of a small handful of extremely sexy comic characters that made it into the mainstream of Golden Age comic…


Thrilling Crime Cases

Thrilling Crime Cases #46 from Star Publications October 1951 is another very cool L.B. Cole cover, complete with motorcycle cover.


Star Spangled Comics

Star Spangled Comics #46 was published by DC Comics  in July 1945. Gil Kane was the cover artist. Inside stories feature characters Newsboy Legion, Robotman, the Star Spangled Kid and…


School Day Romances

School Day Romances #2 is from Star Publications,  February 1950.  Upon my first seeing it, it immediately became one of my top 20 covers.  Yes, clearly another classic…