Back in the day Daredevil, the original Golden Age version, was actually one of the more successful comic book superheroes relative to the hundreds created during the 1940s….


Boy Commandos

The Boy Commandos #7 motorcycle cover was done by famed Captain America creative team Jack Kirby and Joe Simon for publisher DC back in  June of 1944. Psychologically it was likely appealing to…


Four Favorites

The famous “lost your shots” cover from the venerable Ace Magazines by Sam Singer appeared on issue #31 on October 1947. I also briefly owned Sam’s “spin the bottle” cover on Scream…


Willie Comics

Willie Comics was published by Timely for 15 issues from 1946 through 1949. The series was continued from Ideal Comics and continued as Li’l Willie Comics. What’s interesting…


All Winners

All-Winners Comics #12 (Spring 1944) was on my want list for a long time, mainly due to its Captain America on a motorcycle cover by Alex Schomburg. Prices…


World’s Finest Comics

World’s Finest Comics #19 was published by DC on January 1945. If fans of either Superman or Batman could part with just one small nickel more than the…


Thrilling Comics

Thrilling Comics #53 (April 1946) is another classic from Alex Schomburg. The dazzling composition (complete with hero saving a blonde haired damsel who is dangerously in jeopardy of slipping…


Official True Crime Cases

Official True Crime Cases #24 is one a small number of books I own in the crime genre.  I purchased it for its nearly hidden “motorcycle” cover by…


Mitzi’s Boyfriend

From Marvel Comics (yep, the publishers of Captain America and Spiderman) under its Timely indicia Mitzi’s Boyfriend was a short lived six issue series that ran from June 1948…


Leave It to Binky

You would be correct for thinking there are a lot of “teen humor” Golden Age comic books.  No doubt they sprang up post-WWII as superhero’s demand faded – and…