Black Terror

Another Alex Schomburg (Xela signed) masterpiece – The Black Terror #23 (June 1948). Published by Standard Comics, The Black Terror first appeared in Exciting Comics #9 on May,…


Ella Cinders

Good ole’ St. John Publishing Co. squeezed out just three issues of Ella Cinderella (‘er, Cinders that is). Shown here is #3 and #4 from August and October…


America’s Greatest Comics

America’s Greatest Comics was Fawcett’s  response to D.C.’s success with World’s Finest Comics – a larger 100 page package which featured its stable of superhero characters. My copy of #5 ws published…


Wow Comics

I was excited to add Wow Comics #7 October 1942 and #8 December 1942 from publisher Fawcett into my collection.  Early World War II superheros, in issues not frequently seen…


Film Fun (cont.)

                  More film fun found here.


Film Fun

Clearly not a comic, and in fact not even from the golden age of comics (the magazines shown here came from as far back as 1934.)  Nevertheless we…


All Star Comics

The Justice Society of America (JSA) on this beautiful copy of All Star Comics #16 is drawn by Frank Harry and features nine members: The Sandman (Wesley Dodds);…


Howard The Duck

Howard was, well a duck.  But he was no Donald or Daffy.  Created by Steve Gerber he first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1973.  He was, “trapped in…



The Invaders were a Marvel Comics superhero mashup, originally as created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema in The Avengers #71 (December 1969).  After this appearance, the team was test marketed in…


Wings Comics

This is my copy of Wings Comics #96 from Fiction House published August 1947.  Cover art is by Bob Lubbers.  Number #97 below is by the same artist. Wings…