Patsy Walker

Innocent times during a simpler era.  You could take your gal out on the town and grab a meal of two, five cent hog dogs.  Of course some things…


Jane Arden (Pageant of Comics)

Seems I’ve always had a thing for the comic gals.  I collected Spider Woman and Red Sonja back in the day with my paper route money, and many…


Nyoka, the Jungle Girl

Nyoka the Jungle Girl #13, from Fawcett, was published November 1947. It is one of my first books after having “come back” to Golden Age comic book collecting….


Four Color#4 (Smilin’ Jack)

I had an issue of Batman #34 that was extremely brittle (story here) and you would have thought that would have been enough to teach me a lesson….


Gang Busters

One wouldn’t have thought the squeaky clean publisher DC Comics would have entered the grimy genre of crime comics, but flagging superhero sales by 1947 indeed had it…


Circus Comics

Circus Comics* was a “one-shot” published in winter of 1948. I ran on to it in a lot purchased to get a nice Flyn’ Jenny #2. Circus Comics might be most noted…


Ozark Ike

Once exceptionally popular, Li’l Abner is nearly forgotten today. And if we can no longer recall Al Capp’s Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae, there probably is not much…


Red, White and Blue Comic Superheroes

When I first began this post, it was just to feature my newly purchased Master Comics #14 with damsel and motorcycle cover.  But after doing a little research…


Flash Comics

Hopefully for our damsel in distress, Hawkman has more weapons with which to fight the angry giant gorilla than just a rock and sling shot!  And indeed he…


Doll Man

A quintuple score cover!  Skull, atomic, good girl, bondage and superhero rolled into one. The Doll Man #37 (December 1951) cover was inked and penciled by Reed Crandall…