John Goldwater, inspired by the popular Andy Hardy movies starring Mickey Rooney, created “America’s typical teen-ager” Archibald “Chick” Andrews.  Writer Vic Bloom and artist Bob Montana published Archie’s first adventure with Archie showing off for his new neighbor, Betty Cooper in Pep Comics #22, December 1941.


As Archie’s popularity grew, MLJ Magazines changed its name to Archie Comic Publications. As “The Mirth of a Nation,” the Archie brand remained strong and comics under the title are still sold today (even though sales declined in the mid-1950s as the advent of television caused the comic industry in general to decline).

The issue of Archie Comics #35* above featuring artwork by Bill Vigoda (brother of actor Abe Vigoda) from November-December 1948. Archie Comics #44* (May-June 1950) has a Bob Montana (signed) cover with a distracted Archie in art class where Veronica “can hardly wait to see what kind of picture” he has drawn of her.  Inside Miss Grundy teaches Archie how to become a square dance caller.

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