Blue Bolt v8 9 [87]

Blue Bolt volume 8 #9* was published February 1948 by Novelty Press.

On the cover punching someone’s lights out is Dick Cole of the Farr Military Academy. Raised by Professor Blair as sort of an experiment in how to bring up the perfect child, he was not so much a superhero as a really super great guy.  On this cover Dick is protecting the honor of a young lady in sleeveless red dress who is apparently impervious to the cold (might she be the one with super powers?). Art on cover is by Al McWilliams.

Blue Bolt was published for 101 issues from June 1940 to October 1949 when Novelty Press sold it to L.B. Cole, himself a famous comic book artist.  He is the artist of the Vol 9 #6 football cover (November 1948).





* Sold  copy